Location Shoot – Hanham & Philp

Repeat client and well-known Christchurch building contractors since 1979, Hanham and Philp, are involved in a wide range of projects covering disciplines from Accommodation, Car Park Buildings, Community to Medical, Industrial and more.

Recently I have been capturing images of finished industrial projects just before completion and client handover. Photographing warehouses presents its own set of challenges, such as dealing with large and sometimes complex structures 

As a commercial photographer, I aim to convey the functionality and purpose of these structures. It is often a balance between showcasing any architectural features of warehouses and buildings while conveying their practical significance to the local economy.

I like to provide traditional ground-level shots alongside the different perspectives offered by drone photography. These images can encapsulate the essence of industrial buildings that you cannot normally see.

It’s certainly interesting to see these massive projects completely empty before all the furniture and storage are installed.