Chris Sharpe

Commercial Photographer

With a portfolio spanning various industries, including food & beverage, advertising, property, and beyond, Chris has consistently delivered high-quality images that exceed expectations.

His commitment to excellence and dedication to each project ensures a seamless and professional experience for every client.

Chris Sharpe is a commercial photographer based in Canterbury, New Zealand. With a home studio and the flexibility to work on location and with a portable studio setup, Chris caters to a diverse range of clients across the South Island.

His expertise spans various industries, including real estate, food and beverage, hospitality, corporate, and industrial sectors.

Specialising in capturing the essence of spaces and products, Chris has become the go-to photographer for businesses seeking visually striking and compelling imagery. His proficiency in real estate photography goes beyond the ordinary, as he skilfully captures properties in a way that enhances their unique features and appeals to potential buyers.

In the realm of food and beverage photography, Chris’s keen eye for detail and creative composition elevates each dish or drink, making them irresistible to the viewer. Whether it’s a high-end restaurant or a local café, his images bring out the best in every culinary creation.

Hospitality clients benefit from Chris’s ability to encapsulate the ambiance and character of their establishments. Through his lens, he crafts images that tell a story, inviting customers into a visual journey that goes beyond mere representation.

For corporate and industrial clients, Chris brings a unique perspective to showcase the professionalism and innovation within these sectors. His photographs go beyond the surface, capturing the intricate details that make a business stand out in a competitive market.

What sets Chris Sharpe apart is not only his technical proficiency but also his dedication to understanding each client’s vision. His personalised approach ensures that every photoshoot is tailored to meet the specific needs and branding of the business. Chris excels in creating images that not only meet but exceed the expectations of his clients.

Operating throughout the South Island of New Zealand, Chris Sharpe has established himself as a reliable and sought-after commercial photographer. His commitment to excellence, versatility, and passion for his craft make him the ideal choice for businesses seeking outstanding visual content to enhance their online presence and marketing efforts.

Food and

Whether working in his home studio or on location, Chris utilises lighting and composition techniques to enhance textures, colours, and the overall visual appeal of the food. His commitment to perfection and attention to detail result in images that not only tantalise the taste buds but also serve as powerful marketing tools for his clients in the competitive food and beverage industry.

Commercial / Business

As a business commercial photographer Chris likes to specialise in creating visually appealing and high-quality images for commercial purposes. His photography focuses on capturing images that effectively promote and market products, services, or brands. The primary goal is to enhance the visual representation of a business, helping it stand out in the competitive marketplace.



Embracing both natural light and controlled environments, Chris is committed to creating visually stunning images of people that stand out. His artistic approach combines technical proficiency with a creative flair, resulting in photographs that establish a connection between the subject and the viewer.

Drone Shots

Chris provides aerial photographs and videos that go beyond traditional perspectives. Whether it’s a wedding, special event, real estate showcase, or simply a desire to see the world from a new angle, He will bring a creative touch to your project.


Chris brings destinations to life in a way that transports viewers to the heart of the experience. From sunrise over iconic landmarks to the vibrant tapestry of local markets, each photograph tells a compelling story.

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